Saturday, March 15, 2008

What you Need to Know to Dress Well for a Job Interview

Like it or not, your outfit says a lot about your personality. And when you’re on a job interview, it will help mold your prospective employer’s first impressions about you. Are you organized and dependable? Do you look like someone who could be a future manager or Vice President?
There are many points to consider when dressing for an interview, but perhaps one of the most underrated pieces of clothing that says the most about you is the type of shirt you’re wearing. Does it fit well? Shirts that are too big tend to make you look like a kid, while those too tight just makes you look silly. Is the shirt too plain or too busy? Are there loose threads?

Undoubtedly, ready to wear is the easiest option. But if your goal is to dress to impress your potential boss, you might want to go a step further and invest in good quality custom shirts. Not only do bespoke shirts fit better, but they also make a very strong positive statement on your interviewer that you are somebody special, someone destined to succeed and someone who’s willing to take an extra mile to do things well.

Contrary to what we may believe, it’s quite easy to have bespoke shirts made thanks to the Internet. Companies like KJ Beckett, the UK’s leading brand of bespoke shirt makers have online facilities that allow you to create, design and order your customized shirt.

KJ Beckett's website carries an inventory of over 150 luxury fabrics to choose from. When designing your custom shirt, you will have the option to select from among 10 collar styles, 8 styles of cuffs, 3 body cuts, 5 pocket options as well as the option to contrast your shirt with white collar or cuffs. It’s very easy to navigate. To guide your selection, illustrations and details about each fabric and design choice is available.

All the steps of the transaction can be made online. You don’t even have to go to KJ Beckett to have your measurements taken. The site offers an easy and quick guide on how to accurately take measurements. All you have to do is submit the measurements online and KJ Beckett’s team of highly skilled tailors will be able to create your Jermyn Street inspired custom mens shirts.

Once you’ve set your specifications, you can pay via the site’s secure payment system using your credit card or PayPal. Shipping services is available for customers in Europe, the US and Canada, with UK and selected European countries enjoying free shipping services with their orders. To ensure that the shirts fit well and any alterations are made free of charge, the site offers a 15-day return policy.


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