Sunday, March 23, 2008

Accuplace PSA machinery

AccuPlace aswell has print and Apply options accessible on called articles which allows printing of any affectionate of barcode or clear and offers an all-encompassing band of appearance such as serialized printing, ample print areas, small part identification, and and assembly accuracy of ± 0.002” / 0.05 mm or better. you can advance your accomplishment processes for accumulation and adjustment with AccuPlace Authentic Film Adhesive Accumulation and print applicator. give you industry standard PSA machinery (pressure-sensitive adhesives machinery) - AccuPlace Model 4065, which is ideal for multiple subcomponent shapes, contours and materials, polyester die cuts. Model 4065 can easly integrated with existing system and it can improve production in highest tolerance. So you can reduce maintenance and labor costs and improve quality of your products. for more information about PSA machinery visit


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