Saturday, March 15, 2008

How You Can Get Free Gifts

Learn how you can get free gifts such as the iPod Touch, Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 elite

A new marketing technique that started by giving away free iPods have now developed to the point you can get nearly any item for free.

Using a referral based marketing system this marketing method encourages you to take part in company offers and trials in exchange for free gifts such as a free ipod touch, free playstation 3 or free xbox 360 elite. It costs nothing to take part in the 2 week lovefilm dvd rental and you can get free dvd's for 2 weeks, its win win!

To help you understand all of this it works like this

  1. you sign up for a free trial with a company

  2. that company then pays a pre-agreed fee for every referral/sign up from the reward website

  3. you want a free xbox 360 elite, which costs £279.00

  4. you need to get 13 referrals to get your free xbox 360 elite

  5. the company then pays the reward site once you have referred 13 people to them via their link

  6. reward site orders you xbox 360 elite

  7. the remaining money is absorbed by the reward site as profit

What all this means is

  • the reward site has made a profit

  • the company has had exposure to 10 new potential customers

  • you have your chosen free gift - free ipod touch, free xbox 360, free playstation 3 for example

Select your gift by clicking a link below-

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