Sunday, March 9, 2008 helping customers in finding the accurate embedded Hardware with optimal Software. We work with quality suppliers that develop standard and/or customized industrial computers with the highest quality. We are offering customized industrial embedded computers for medical, Gaming, Transportation and Aeronautic field. also provides security solution to the business. has great experiences in security field and created very high market value with the contact to a lot of well-known companies. We are providing security solution with Chip Card Readers, Secure Digital Token and Smart Card. Smart Card can be Hybrid or Microsoft Net Card. The .NET acute agenda is natively accurate in Windows Vista and works as a seamless accompaniment to the Microsoft .NET ambiance and service-oriented architectures. offers loyalty card to the customer also. Loyalty Card also known as bonus cards, gift cards, membership cards. Client can increase the loyalty by purchasing in same shopping store or same chain of stores or group of stores and collect bonus points. When you collect a certain limit of points then you can get products for free or can purchase products for cheaper price as per store scheme.

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