Monday, February 18, 2008

Information on Touch Panel, Embedded Computers, Industrial Computer

A Touch Panel or Haptic Screen touch screen is a computer input device, which has been found by touching a picture of parts of the program sequence of a technical device, usually a computer, apparently can be directly controlled. The technical implementation of the command input from the user is almost invisible, and thus creates the impression of a direct control of a computer via "clue". Because of the touch-screen "touch" image can be dynamically using monitors or projection, as well as physical (such as printed) has been generated. Instead of a cursor via mouse, etc.. Control, the finger or a stylus can be used. The display a cursor becomes superfluous. The contact point is a cursor Focus. The analogy to the mouse click is a quick tap. By dragging the finger or pen on the screen can be compared to mouse drag.

Embedded Computers are high-socket system-on-modules (SoM) with CPU, RAM, Flash, I / Os and Ethernet controller. Unlike voluminous motherboard socket are popular computer in DIL-64 format (27 x 85mm) for integration into custom carrier boards. At low power consumption and maximum performance optimized to replace PC computer.

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