Monday, February 18, 2008

Information on PCMCIA Reader, Net Card, Card Encoding

For mobile users and offer PCMCIA reader all the security features of a smart card as a convenient easy to transport device. Of course, PCMCIA Reader not only notebooks or other devices with PCMCIA adapter (PDA Jackets) (driver required).

If the notebook neither express nor a PCMCIA card slot can also owns USB dongle chip Reader for SIM cards in the correct format device.

For Corporate Security like Windows Log on, and RDP VPN authentication, etc. 802.11i WLAN authentication Net Card with powerful and secured card encoding is the best option. The .NET smart card is natively supported in Windows Vista and works as a seamless companion to the Microsoft .NET environment and service-oriented architectures.

The types of available card encoding are encoding of the magnetic stripe in case of a magnetic stripe card and the encoding of the chip in case of a smart card. In case of a hybrid card both will be encoded. The encoding is done according to the data of the client.


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