Friday, January 16, 2009

Robots and Optimize website

Many people think that a Google search on the Internet, if you search on Google. This is not the case. Google does not Search the Web, when you search.

Google uses robots known surfing the Internet. This robot is simple software, the analysis shows that the web sites on the Internet, and then stores the information in the database of Google. If you search on Google, you are in search of the database, the robot.

If you have high rankings on Google, you must ensure that the robot of Google, the information about your site, and robotics, good information on your site in the databases of Google.

1. Filing robots: Optimize website

It is not enough to optimize your site. You must optimize every page of your site. Optimizing your web pages for keywords in combination, however, that the robot Google sees your site, covering the topic Pages, the best way to optimize.

It takes some time on Google, but the result stands. There is no reference to the high ranking in Google. If you have a fast, very skeptical. you can hire seo experts for website optimization.

2. Provide robot: Optimize the structure of your site, page elements
The scanner does not mean that the web page, you can in your browser. Google plans robot HTML-code, and that all information on this code.

For this reason, you must ensure that the HTML code of your page contains all the right places, the robot Google information database Google.

Single Web page contains many elements that can be read by Google: a title, meta tags, tags, titles, links, keywords in the text, etc. These elements are in order and they must be key words for the density, the priority, when you click on Google for that keyword.

You must have Google exactly what he wants. If you want to know if your site is structured so you can use a Web site with any tool Optimizer. Many seo comapny providing dedicated linkbuilder or dedicated link building experts for your site to promote and optimize website.

3. Guide robots: optimizing the structure of the whole site

In addition to the structure of web pages, the structure of the site affect the ranking of your pages in Google,. One very important aspect is the site structure and navigation links. Your site should be simple, with links to each page on your site that you want the search engines.

If your website or bad, if not to all the pages on your site, then skip the robots, and these pages are not in research. If your website in Flash, or if you are on your page with the image, while Google's crawler will not be able to play a greater part of the content.

If you are as simple as possible for Google to index web pages, you get the best option. Configure your web pages little work, but it will help you position in Google, more customers and increase sales. You can hire dedicated seo experts to work on your site and fix all the issues to make the seo friendly website that will give targeted traffic to your site.


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